After long studies, exploration and verification, and inspired by some excellent Chinese doctors, small amount of herbal tea treatment developed. Unlike many others, we use very little herb, each patient receives 25- 30 grams of 4-7 varieties of mixed herbs, which need to be divided into about 20 or 30 days, that means 1.0 grams every day. Most people may notice some improvement after an herbal cure.
Although it is extremely small amount, because of suitable mixture of different herbs, which support the body's biological movement, regulate the body's energy flow, therefore it has significant effect.
After a herbal tea treatment, you can continue if you think it has any advantage, otherwise not. You can continue 12 months without a break if you want.

Ordinary balance tea is recommended first:

Price:SEK 350 including VAT

A classic herbal blend suitable for most individuals, this basic herbal balancing tea is an excellent starting point if you're looking to explore herbal therapy. It aids in promoting the flow and balance of energy throughout the body, boosting immunity, and activating bodily functions without the need for tongue diagnosis.

Ordinary balance tea can be divided into 20-30 days, 20 days (stronger), 30 days (softer). Tea includes Hawthorn, Shen Qu, Malt.... which is completely from nature. If you do not feel sufficient effect, you can try individual balance tea.

Individual balance tea

Price: SEK 600 including VAT

Crafted uniquely for you, this personalized blend is based on your individual health needs and lifestyle, promising targeted healing.

Prerequisites: Take 6 pictures of the tongue before herbal treatment, here is how to take the pictures. You need to write 3 most important symptoms and answer 3 questions:
Loose or dry or normal stools?
Often feel hot or cold in the body? If so, where?

Every individual is different, and personalized treatment is key to achieving the best health results. This information helps us create a tea blend tailored specifically to your unique needs.

Tongue diagnosis

In Chinese medicine, tongue diagnostics is central to making a health analysis. The color, shape, coating, moisture, cracks and dots of the tongue show how energy and fluid circulate. A healthy body has a light red tongue and some coatings.
Different colors, notches and tooth impressions mean something. To, for example, A deep red tongue shows that there is heat in the body, you may have pain or inflammation.

Instruction for Herbal Tea

You need to divide into 20 or 30 days, you can measure and divide in different ways, you do not need exactly the same amount every day. put in the herbs when the water is boiling hot, about 150-200 ml of water, the herbs need to stand and soak in hot water about 5-10 minutes, drink as tea before breakfast, you can eat or drink after 5 minutes. OK to take in those that float in water that does not dissolve. Do not take in those that are at the bottom that do not dissolve. You can save those that are at the bottom that do not dissolve and fill with boiling hot water and drink as tea again in the afternoon at any time. It is also better to bathe the feet with warm water together with those that are at the bottom that do not dissolve in the evening.
To get even better results, after the tea you can lie on the bed and close your eyes, the tongue should contact the upper jaw, you can touch the part that has problems for a few minutes. For example, if you have back problems, you should move your back slowly; if you have constipation, you should breathe with your stomach and massage the colon to strengthen bowel movement.

Herbal tea does not cause any side effects

Herbal tea is about 1/10 dose compared to regular herbal treatment, which is too little to give any side effect. Herbal tea can open the energy channel, and more Qi and blood circulates, which activates the body's own healing ability, then patients can feel a lot in the body. It varies from person to person, and is not limited to the areas you want to treat. In fact, this is a common phenomenon in the process, as herbal tea balances the body as a whole. For example, some may have fever, which means energy that is not needed releases. When the patient's own cleansing process has begun, waste that has accumulated in the body needs to be released. You can go to the toilet several times during a day. However, it is not sick diarrhea, and the stomach and body feel good and relaxed. Some patients may experience mental cleansing, for example, you may cry, which means that harmful feelings that stay deep in the body leave out. These phenomena are not bad. Take it easy and rest! Some may think it is uncomfortable, then you can pause for a few days or reduce the dose, if you continue, a good effect will be shown.

If you notice no improvement after an herbal cure

There are causes that can lead to imbalance in the body, if one can not prevent the causes attacking, they can affect herbal tea function. Then no more herbal tea treatment is recommended.

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On an A4 paper make 22 lines at 1cm intervals. Sprinkle with the herbs.
Fold the paper lengthwise so that the herbs form an even string. Take 1cm / day

On an A4 paper make 31 lines at 1cm intervals. Sprinkle with the herbs.
Fold the paper lengthwise so that the herbs form an even string. Take 1cm / day

Herbal Tea